Extensive experience in international trade entitles us to undertake the most challenging orders from our clients

Our company began its work in consultancy and outsourcing in 2007. For all these years we’ve gained a large number of clients and established a reputation for reliable company that guarantees to meet its obligations in time.

Today we carry out regular deliveries for a number of our clients, and take on all tasks related to foreign trade activities. Moreover we have a considerable experience in delivery of equipment, textile ant other products.

As a company that is involved in international business we know that demand for pipes, equipment like turn-milling machines or woodworkers exists in Russian market. Another popular product is polyethylene film and polypropylene film. The largest part in the total volume of deliveries is delivery of carbon and stainless steels pipes. In 2011, RusFlow Group reached an agreement with large manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel pipes which allowed us to become representatives of the plant and to work on the behalf of it.


Textile industry:

delivery of products from three different manufacturers is organized on terms DDP Moscow

our representative in Shanghai carries out the pre-shipment inspection

mandatory certification of imported products was  passed, and sanitary-and-epidemiological certificate was received.


On constant basis delivery of power plants for a large industrial company in Ekaterinburg is executed:

- “turnkey" delivery of the equipment

- delivery of spare parts for generation sets


For years of work RusFlow Group was thoroughly studying the market of different types of products:


1. Transformers, electrical equipment, cable products of the Russian Federation

2. Products of chemical industry: PE, PVC, polystyrene, etc.

3. Advertising equipment

4. Power Tools

5. Roll forming lines 

6. Sawn Timber

7. Furniture and etc.

 We will conduct a marketing research on your request of any market or industry. We will also help to find distributors and customers of your products.