RusFlow Group offers business partner search to help entrepreneurs seek out investment opportunities

Looking for a supplier, distributor or consumer?

What benefits will bring you cooperation with RusFlow Group?

Specialists of the RusFlow Group Ltd., have experience in work with Chinese and Russian companies, speak English, and have offices in China and Russia. The above-listed allow us to establish effective business relationships between two countries. The company makes high demands of partners, checks their reliability and picks those companies that suit the client’s requirements.

If a company is entering the market then it will face a range of problems. As a result the company will lose time, money and “faith” in counterparts. That’s why it is the best to ask for professional services.


Criteria for choice of foreign partner

Specialists of the company will process information based on a preliminary inquiry and make a report on suppliers or buyers of the required product. This report contains:

product characteristics;


terms of delivery and terms of payment;

terms and volumes of production;

trade mark of the manufacturer or possibility of placing another brand or product name;

requirements for quality certification;

technical documentation for the products;

catalogues and advertising materials of suppliers;

other specific information about products and manufacturer.

Moreover RusFlow Group can conduct independent quality expertise of a plant, factory or supplier and monitor manufacturing process.

The number of companies varies from 1 to 10 depending on the client’s wishes.

Reference Report contains 5 companies and indication of prices, product characteristics and  contact information. Cost of this service is 10 000 rubles.

Detailed report contains 10 and more companies. Price lists, commercial offers, catalogues are attached. We will also calculate transportation costs. Cost of this service is 30 000 rubles.


How much time does it takes to find a foreign supplier, distributor  or buyer?

Time spent to find a suitable company varies from 5 to 10 working days (depending on technical complexity)

Execution order:

Marketing research based on Internet resources, phone negotiations and industry reference books.

Selection of the best offers, collection of technical and commercial information

Reliability check

Report containing information required by a client

On client’s demand our employee can conduct manufacturing inspection, make photos of equipment and manufacturing process, and collect product samples.


For more information, please, contact our specialists.