We provide customs clearance solutions for businesses of all sizes including wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce businesses. We complete the paperwork and we get things processed - fast.

Consulting on a wide range of customs questions assumes maintaining for the participants of international trade comfortable conditions for customs clearance, and also legal protection of interests in case of disputes that can appear in relations with the customs authorities and municipal authorities


What kind of services customs clearance includes?

1. Customs value consulting, at the stage of preparing for foreign trade operations, and in the process of customs clearance, as well as in the case of it’s correction by the custom authority;

2. Preliminary calculation of customs fees and charges;

3. Preparation of customs documents;

4. Organization of foreign trade deliveries by using of simplified customs procedures of customs clearance and advanced customs technologies:

* analysis of conditions and schemes of foreign trade in order to determine simplified customs procedure of customs clearance and advanced customs technologies that can be used (declaration and temporary storage of goods in a warehouse of the consignee; preliminary declaration of goods, submission of incomplete, periodic customs declaration, interior releasing goods before submission of customs declaration, electronic form of declaration, etc.);

*consulting on the conditions of using the simplified customs procedures and requirements for the person using it;

* Preparation of appeal to the customs authorities and assist in obtaining permission to use simplified customs clearance procedures;

5. Certification and licensing of the goods;

6. Representing clients in custom authorities;

7. Customs clearance consulting


How much time it will take to pass customs procedure?

RusFlow Group Ltd is interested in filling client’s orders in short term, therefore we have specialists: customs brokers, which will declare cargo during 1-3 days. 


For more information, please, contact our specialists.