Expertise, responsibility, individual approach and focus on certain client’s needs are the basic principles which let RusFlow Group meet the highest standards of legal services.

What are company’s benefits if it uses this service?

The main advantage of legal support is reliability and therefore profitability of the business. If you hand non-core business to our outsourcing company which specializes in legal support you will be able to:

focus all your efforts on core activities

improve reliability of work

ensure flexibility of your business reducing costs by choosing certain kinds of services you need, instead of buying sets of services formed in advance 


What are competitive advantages of RusFlow Group?

RusFlow Group Ltd., has extensive experience in foreign trade transactions. We have a partner in China; it is a juridical company which is ready to execute juridical check of transaction, contract, and shipping documents on client’s demand.


What do we offer in juridical support service?

Draw up foreign trade contracts;

Examine  the submitted contracts;

Examine documents on goods purchased;

Seller and agent check;

Negotiations with counterparts, disputes settlement;

Prepayment with advance agreement;

Client’s support at every stage of a deal.


Legal support may be required by companies that are already engaged in economic activities, or by beginners. Having ordered this service, an entrepreneur saves his time and money. 


For more information, please, contact our specialists.