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How to optimize expenses on delivery of cargo from other countries to Russia?

To do this, "RusFlow Group" develops individual routes, taking into account the budget and urgency, offering sea, railway, automobile and air transports. Depending on a place of destination we import goods through St. Petersburg, Zabaikalsk, Vladivostok, Vostochny.


What services can you get?

1. We will calculate transportation costs, determine the best route and we will find a border warehouse;

2. We will arrange a transportation using international rules – The Incoterms;

3. We will calculate delivery costs for oversized and general cargos;

4. Cargo insurance;

5. Customs clearance (at the port of discharge, or at the point of destination);

6. Pre-carriage, pre-shipment inspection by independent companies;

7. Certification of imported goods (hygienic certificate, certificate of quality, certificate of conformity, certificate of origin);

 8. Cargo monitoring during delivery process.


How delivery price is calculated?

Basic price depends on the rule of the Incoterms 2010

20’, 40’, 40’ HC containers are used along with freight cars, trucks, etc.

 Transportation  costs are calculated on demand.


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