We provide solutions to your needs in foreign trade. Safety and flexibility in buying and selling overseas.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the act of one company contracting with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. There are many reasons that companies outsource jobs, but the main advantage is that it allows to reduce costs. Outsourcing also allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts. Thus employees can be used for more important work like improving the quality of goods or services in order to obtain a competitive advantage.

This type of outsourcing means that our company will take care of all your foreign trade transactions. Our company will carry out negotiations with foreign clients, take care of customs clearance, provide financial and legal support.


How does it work?

Here you can see the scheme of outsourcing. It can change depending on client’s needs.


How do clients benefit from outsourcing? 

These are advantages that clients receive working with RusFlow Group:

We search for a supplier and sign a contract with him, convert the currency, make payments which comply with currency control, and finally carry out customs clearance and logistics.

We also offer additional services like “beforcustoms” inspection, certification of goods, compensation of VAT in export, delivery of the cargo to the client’s warehouse, etc.

Our clients are saving money because all functions of Department of foreign trade activities are performed by us

Our client can take advantage of the delay of the payment under the contract of delivery.


What services do you receive?

The analysis of the economic feasibility of transactions considering choice of the customs regime. We’ll work out suggestions to optimize customs payments and to use customs privileges provided by the customs legislation.

The analysis of the foreign trade contract to make sure that the data necessary for customs registration and customs control of the goods, including those related to the definition of customs value, HS codes in Russia, the country of origin of the goods, etc. are properly reflected

Delivery. We’ll organize delivery of your product with minimal expenses. Besides we will negotiate with the supplier/buyer shipping documents to avoid difficulties during the customs clearance. 


If you want to place production facilities abroad, how do you do it?

Our company provides assistance in organizing production facilities abroad (China, the republic of Central Asia) and in exporting its products in Russia:

- purchase of a finished production workshop

- workshop "from scratch"

- feasibility study for the projects


How can you make tender purchasing through us?

We offer our clients a number of specialized services for tender purchasing under the international standards:

Evaluation and development of technical requirements (tasks) according to requirements of the competitive selection procedure and the bidding documents;

Bidding documents preparation;

Submitting the tender documents to a customer and the supervising departments;

Advertising, printing and distribution of tender documentation;

Conducting competitive selection activities ( pre-bid conferences, answers to the questions of the participants, the procedure of opening the bids, etc.); 

Organization of the evaluation commission work and consultancy on the application of the rules and procedures of the competitive selection, including the methodology for the evaluation of bids;

Evaluation of the submitted bids and drawing up an evaluation report;

Negotiations and  drafting the contract;

Consultancy on tender purchasing.


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